Our Products

Our products are a result of focused research, exquisite infrastructure, trained manpower and commitment to quality adherence. These inputs have forged the company into a powerhouse that enjoys the trust and acclaim of a diverse clientele.

Real Estate & Building Segment : 11kV RMU, LBS Panels, VCB Panels, Apartment Metering Panels, Feeder Pillar Panels, Escalator & Travellator Panels and Custom Built Panels

Industries : PCC, MCC, Drive Panels, Capacitor Panels, DG Sync Panels

Power Generation : Hydro, Solar and Wind – 33kV and 11kV Breaker Panels, Battery Chargers, Line and Trafo C&R Panels, ACDB and DCDB Panels, Annunciation Panels and SCADA Panels

Public Sector Companies : Hutti, Oil and Gas

MV Switchgear Panels

  • 11kV, 33kV metal clad VCB panels
  • 11kV/33kV metering panels
  • Indoor/Outdoor installations
  • Suitable for transformer feeder, capacitor feeder, meter feeder and line feeder
  • As per IEC62271-200


  • Upto 11kv/415v, 22kV/415v applications
  • Upto 1 MVA transformer rating
  • Upto 1 MVA transformer rating
  • Choice of single breaker/ twin breaker MV compartment
  • Completely customized LT compartment with energy metering and power factor correction

Power Control Centre Panels

  • Fixed/Draw type designs
  • Upto 6.3ka main busbar
  • Multiple combination of incoming feeders and bus couplers with PLC control
  • Suitable for transformer feeder, capacitor feeder, meter feeder and line feeder
  • As per IEC 61439-2

C & R Panel

  • For 11kV, 33kV and 66kV applications
  • With main 1 and main 2 DC sources
  • SCADA compatible as per 61850 protocol

Ring Main Unit

  • 11kV air insulated ring main units
  • Combination of VCB and LBS
  • Modular design
  • As per IEC 62271-200

Motor control centre panels

  • Fixed/Draw type design
  • Motor feeder ranging from 1hp to 100 hp in capacity
  • Intelligent feeders for remote monitori g and data acquisition system

AMF & DG sync. Panel

  • Single/dual breaker AMF panels
  • DGsync. Panel with multiple DG incomers and bus couplers
  • Auto start and auto load sharing
  • Available in indoor and outdoor designs

Auto Power Factor Correction Relay panel

  • Stand alone / plug and play design
  • Thyrister/contactor switching type with harmonic filters
  • Standard relay panels 0-40 kVAR, 40-120 kVAR, 120-200kVAR
  • Customized panels above200kVAR

LT Transformer Distribution Box

  • Used by utilities and turnkey contractors dor DISCOM’s
  • Single/dual MCCB distribution boxes for transformers upto 500 KVA
  • Combination of distribution and transformer centre metering boxacquisition system
  • Feeder pillers starting from 6 way to 12 way single/3 phase distribution outlets

Battery Chargers

  • Ratings : 24v, 30v, 48v, 110v, 220v
  • Suitable upto 1000Ah batteries with inputs single/three phase having current capacity upto 200A
  • Charger suitable for tubular/plant-E, VRLA, Ni-Cd batteries
  • Combinations of FCBC, FC+FCBC & Dual FC+FCBC
  • Regulation less than 1%, ripple content less than 2% and efficiency greater than 75%
  • SCADA compatible for remote monitoring with analog and digital outputs
  • EMI/EMC Compliant